Sunday, 27 May 2012

Slow sort of a day

The Safari didn't get out til mid-afternoon, forgoing the opportunity to twitch a couple of Temminck's Stints and a Little Stint not too far from the nature reserve (where there are 44 marsh orchid sp to have a blimp at asap).
Then our Extreme Photographer came round and we were off out on a proper job safari...into the garden again. Where we found a jumping spider.

and our first Ruby Tailed Wasp of the season
We hit the road and headed east. The heat was hot in the valley. The scent of May blossom hung heavy in the air. We endured Nettle stings, thistle spines and even a Horse Fly bite but it was well worth it. Tiger Beetles would chew you to tiny bits if they were big enough!

But quarry of the day was a little bigger.
We were successful!!!
Our first Lancashire Slow Worm. Just one of hundreds of pics we took.
Oh and don't drink any more water...
This reservoir is about 15 feet (5m) down on what we normally see when we visit this site.
We had another crack at the moon last night and again failed to get the earthshine, although it was alot less evident; we reckon this is a better pic than yesterday's.
Where too next? Back to work tomorrow :-(
In the meantime let us know if you had success in your outback today.


Blackpool Nature said...

Slow Worm - WOW !!! - Thats WOW not textspeach
You lucky devil - well I suppose you had to suffer to find it - those Horsefly really nip don't they !



Christian said...

Love that Jumping Spider Dave -scary!