Monday, 28 May 2012

More from yesterday

The Safari hasn't been out with the camera today so here are the remainder from yesterday.
Pottering around in the garden we found a Dandelion clock

The Aquilegias are looking good.

Our Spanish (hybrid?) Bluebells are just about finished although a few plants, like this one, are a little tardy.
Many people regard Herb Robert as a weed but the insect just love it!
This is the same jumping spider as yesterday.
This Zebra Spider inhabits the side of next door's garage wall. He's a bit too quick in the sunshine to get a pic of him like we did off the other one.
Several Blue Tailed Damselflies have now coloured up and are flitting around the garden.

Who's watching who?
On uor safari shaded rocks were also turned and we found several of these 'Hissing' Beetles.

We knew we were close to our quarry when we found this sloughed Slow Worm skin.

And here's the best of the rest...

 And once gently wrangled they were returned to their hidey-holes none the worse for their experience.
Our Extreme Photographer has a bucket load more pics from the Safari which we'll no doubt be able to share with you in due course.
Where to next? Might be able to have a butcher's at Patch 2 tomorrow all being well with the builders who are demolishing the large parts of the garden here at Base Camp today.
In the meantime let us know if you find it hard to get out in to your outback on Mondays.


Aussie Glen said...

Daves got worms.....

Blackpool Nature said...

Brilliant Slow Worm pics Dave !
I'm sooooo envious !



cliff said...

Cracking Slow worms Dave, looks like a top day out!

Ray Lynch said...

Great pics Dave thats a good size animal.