Thursday, 24 May 2012

This is stupid

The Safari refers you here.

Only a few short weeks ago we learnt that it was not going to be possible to re-introduce an innocuous beautiful, native species into suitable habitat locally. Yet you can chuck out millions of non-natives without a licence and without any EIA done to assesss how they affect the local native wildlife.
So buzzards make take a handful out of thousands - TOUGH get over it! In the hills the other day say 'dozens' flat on the road and this year's 'crop' haven't been released yet - gonna ban cars from areas where shooting gows on or impose a 5mph speed limit and a have a man with a red flag?
TBH I don't mind SUSTAINABLE harvesting of wildlife, some of which is 'problematical' for native wildlife and habitats; there's a lot of deer out there, and Woodpigeons, Canada Geese, Grey Squirrels, Rabbits, Signal Crayfish etc etc without having to add more non-natives to the mix. Don't think I fancy fricasseed Parakeet tho'. (which reminds us - still 'need' that for our Year List Challenge...and Red Legged Partridge).

Too much BBQ beer yesterday arvo for safari-ing and at our mates place the Marsh Tits and Bullfinches failed to appear at his otherwise lively feeders.
With time running out we didn't twitch the Ladies Slipper Orchid either on the away back to Base Camp...maybe Sunday?
Where to next? A load of wood to hack to bits in the garden today so little chance of a safari.
In the meantime let us know who or what or both are getting your goat at the mo.

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Phil said...

On a trip down the motorway I saw far too many Red Kites. They must take a few pheasant poults not to mention lots of Red-legged Partridge - get me a gun quick.