Thursday, 16 August 2012

He got the chop

The Safari would like to thank everyone for their kind thoughts for Frank. He's had his op today and will currently be fast asleep chasing little green pixies in his meth induced stupor. A serious op and one we really hope he will never need on his other knee. We pick him up (no easy thing with him weighing 45kgs) to bring him home tomorrow late afternoon.
The only wildlife news we have today is of a cetacean sp seen to roll twice about a mile or so offshore from the seawall at lunchtime...possibly a Minke Whale; too choppy and swelly to see a Harbour Porpoise at that range and the jizz wasn't at all right for one of our 'regular' ( :-) ) Bottle Nosed Dolphins, fin too small in relation to the amount of back seen. Would have like better and longer views but two rolls were all we got. Very few seabirds were seen, a few tern sp and what was probably a small flock of feeding Kittiwakes way way out towards the horizon, if it's possible to put a name to dancing white pixels.
On the way back to Base Camp this evening a tern sp flew over the road by the big school heading towards the coast, sort of a strange direction to have come from unless it had been fishing/migrating along the River Wyre and decided to head directly to the coast rather than turn north with the river into the estuary.
The BTO's annual Breeding Bird Survey report landed with a gentle thud in the in-box this arvo so we might have a little peruse of the winners and losers with you tomoz.
Where to next? No mutt tonight so the Safari and Wifey are hitting the town.
In the meantime let us know what was lost in the swell in your outback.

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cliff said...

Hopefully I'll be seeing you & Frank pottering up & down that hill again before too long.