Friday, 31 August 2012

Not much doing today...until...

The Safari wasn't wrong; yesterday’s cool wind was the precursor to a very chilly night, our ears really felt the drop in temperature this morning – went down to almost as low as the average night-time temperature for November!
Driving up the hill a Sparrowhawk flew over us but there was no sign of any Peregrines on their usual ledges.
Once we got to the prom we could see how flat calm and inviting the sea looked and we were eager to get the scope to the wall. Needn’t have bothered! 
The rising tide may have flushed a Whimbrel off the beach, we didn’t see it but heard it making its way northwards along the water’s edge.
Out at sea there was very little, by far the most unusual sighting was of a Black Headed Gull way, way further out than we normally see them.
A handful of Sandwich Terns passed by and three were found roosting on the beach. On a distant sandbank to the south about 30 Cormorants roosted as others headed off in small flocks to their fishing grounds. A few Oystercatchers were probing the sand between the gulls on the beach in front of us but there were much high uncounted numbers further south, a couple or three hundred or so. Just three Sanderlings were found today.
Overhead we had a Grey Wagtail and two Pied Wagtails for a bit of audio-migration listening.
Mid morning the sound of rattling of keyboards in the office was broken by the urgency of our mobile ringing – a call, not a txt; that’s a rarity in itself in our office with its lack of reception! – MJ! “Oh my, what’s he found?” We thought.
A Shag – nice – SITTING ON THE WALL !!! Bizarre. Very feeble excuses were made and we grabbed the bins and camera and dashed out over the road by which time it had been flushed but only on to the sea a hundred yards down. Crippling close in views we enjoyed through MJ’s scope (thanks M); normally we just get a distant fly-past or brief surfacing views between lengthy dives in a choppy sea.

By lunchtime it had moved on and there was nothing of note to tell you about, but at least the weather had warmed up a bit and it was now quite pleasant.
Where to next? Doesn't look like the moffer will be out tonight but we should get a bit of a seawatch in the morning.
In the meantime let us know what's off the wall in your outback.

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