Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Quick catch up from here and there

The Safari has some pics from the other afternoon in the Butterfly Zone

A double-flowered Creeping Buttercup

Common Darter
Grey Squirrel
Starts off like this

Gets like this
Ends up very very tasty
Brown Lipped Banded Snail
White Lipped Banded Snail - only inches away from his 'friend' above
And now a series of  Volucella pellucens hoverflies on Snowberry

Today we spotted a Goldfinch sporting a green ring on its left leg, but we couldn't see the right leg. Got a few pics of the flock feeding on the Spear Thistles through the dirty double glazed windows...deffo a huge amount more life on our 'untidy needs weeding' side than the neat and tidy side.

Later the Young Uns discovered it had another green ring on the other side rather than a BTO type so it's likely an escaped or released cage-bird...bet it's glad to be out and free.
Where to next? Hordes descending tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know what's hanging upside-down in your outback.
We were told today that Frank needs the operation if he is not to hobble round painfully for the rest of his born days - thank the lord for pet insurance...aka pet protection racket...just how much will the premiums be next time we need to renew the policy???

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