Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Like a bat out of...

The Safari got a couple of crackin pics of an unknown species of bat emerging from its roost. Not sure what species, one that is found in the forests of Poland.

Shame that in the last one the bat is fuzzy but bear in mind they were taken in pitch darkness and there wasn't the opportunity to bring something in to the forest to set the camera up on in the right place to nail the shot. A valiant effort and two out of three ain't bad...if you'll excuse the pun.
The first Cuttlefish bone we've heard about in seven years of beaching was found by one of our Family Learning group today, they are slightly more numerous on the next beach to the south with maybe as many as two or three finds a year. Eggs have also been found on the legs of a couple of the piers in previous years so give us a few warm calm days and we might get the snorkels out.
Just hope it's not come from someone's Budgie cage and somehow found its way into a drain and thence in to the sea.
An undamaged Sea Potato (aka Sea Heart) was a super find as they are so fragile. You can easily see the relationship of sea urchins to starfish in the pattern of the five 'arms'.

A very quick walk last night round Patch 1 gave us a Buddleia bush full of butterflies including a rather rare this year Red Admiral which would stay still enough to for a pic in the windy conditions. We were luckier with  a couple of Peacocks.

Where to next? A bit of gardening mayhem then a sneaky safari in the afternoon.
In the meantime let us know what's newly discovered in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

Lots of Red Admirals here Davo, it's the Peacocks that are scarce :-)
Nice Bat!