Monday, 24 December 2012

Flower for Christmas

The Safari left the front door at Base Camp this morning and saw that our rose has  a bud starting to open on its uppermost branch.
But will it open for tomorrow?
We went out up to another blogger's patch for a bite to eat after an all morning cookathon in advance of the morrow's feasting and festivities...only sprouts n roasties to do in the morning apart from transporting all we've done so far 50 miles down the motorway.
Before settling down in the snug by the fire in the pub we had a wander along the old railway line that overlooks the estuary and salt marsh. The tide was well out and there was a huge number of Lapwings and Golden Plover on the exposed mudflats, didn't have time or the equipment to do any sort of guesstimate count, PW might have some proper counts over the holiday so check out his link.
An unseen predator got them all up and the sight was a proper wildlife spectacle with thousands of birds in the air...unfortunately too far away and too dull for a photo.
So that was today and a bonus post for you all we weren't expecting to give you.
Where to next? Deffo won't be posting tomorrow so season's greetings and best wishes to all the Safari's readers wherever you are.
In the meantime let us know what;s wheeling around in your outback.


Anonymous said...

Seasons greetings back at you Dave. Have a good un mate.

Monika said...

Happy holidays to you and yours too Dave! Time to get back to this blogging business for me. I caught up on some of your more recent posts, but what's your year list up to? I bet you edged me out again, right?