Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy New Year

The Safari thinks today should be either the first day of the year or the last - would be more logical don't yer think? Shame Pope Gregory 13th didn't think the same when he invented the revised calendar but then he was hung up about Easter, which he must have known was a Pagan festival the 'church' had nicked for its own ends and it really doesn't matter when it is and it  moves around with the lunar calendar anyway.
So the nights are about to draw out by a couple of minutes a day which can't be a bad thing, might give us a few more minutes not to see anything.
Nowt at all to report today. Had a quick look from the wall at Patch 2 at first light and at lunchtime but there was very little to be found apart from a few small flocks of Common Scoters of varying sizes in various directions and at various distances.
A walk round Magpie Wood was a bit early but eight Magpies were already squabbling for the prime positions in the tree tops. A handful of Woodpigeons were also already up there.
Where to next? Weekend tomorrow and we might get out in the morning - if not it'll be the Long Eared Owl walk at the nature reserve on Sunday morning. Might even take the camera out of its bag!
In the meantime let us know if there was anything to be found in your outback.

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