Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Late addition

The safari was otherwise engaged for most of the day today but a guided walk on a 'new' beach after the morning's proceedings was good. The leader even to great glee in showing us his Pelican Foot shells which we don't get on our beach a few miles to the south. There were a large number of Native Oysters on the tide line all pretty old and a few very old, hardly anything left of them and possibly been washing around on the tide since the 1920s!
Several Turnstones mooched about at the water's edge but we were listening to our guide rather than watching for any birds to turn up.
At Base Camp we took Frank out. The weather was abominable and that might have brought in the Woodcock (P1 #43) his nose found at the edge of Magpie Wood where we still can't see the Magpies in these new streetlamps.
Where to next? Just seen the weather forecast for tomorrow makes today's abominable weather look like mild drizzle...still it's not going to be anything like as bad as it was close to where we were in Australia last Thursday...4 inches of rain (100mm) in 24 hours fell on Harvey (lovely little railway station there) and over 100,000 lightning strikes. NB there are only 86,400 seconds in 24 hours.
In the meantime let us know if lightning conductors were needed in your outback - the ones at work have all been nicked - twice!

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