Sunday, 30 December 2012

Not going to plan

The Safari went down to the nature reserve for the next in the series of the Long Eared Owl walks. First thing we noticed was a large flock of - well you work out what they are - there were about 150 or more when a second bigger flock joined them making at least 350.
If you haven't got it by now the next pic should be the give away.
No owls again! What is it with them and Sundays? Do they go to church? They were there on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve so can't be far away. We did count 94 Wigeon but there must have been many more sheltering from the strong wind and lashing showers, the Teal too were mostly hiding with only about 500 on show at best and still the Green Winged Teal from the estuary refuses to come in!
Whilst watching two different shooters walking through the east fields were they aren't supposed to be (too far away for a pic of their faces) a Little Egret flew over them and went to its fishing place on the flooded field; later it was seen on the scrape on the nature reserve.
Two Great Blacked Backed Gulls caused the usual duck mayhem but we couldn't find anything else gully, we had hoped the gales and thunder in the night might have brought something like a Little Gull or a Kittiwake in - how long is it since we saw on of those on the nature reserve? A Common Scoter might have been a good find for the ton up but that wasn't to be either. A Raven would have done over the fields but the best we could find there was two Stock Doves and a Buzzard. The Kingfisher wasn't down the dyke, will it be there tomorrow?
At least we got a large boot (trunk; for our US of A readers) load of firewood from a dumped pile of brash - Flowering Cherry, good stuff, when it's ready next winter.
Here's a few from the trail cam in the garden. We extended the distance between camera and feeder by 50% by taking the feeder right to the end of the branch but it's still not quite enough.
Good to see the variety that comes in as looking out of the window we rarely see anything - last night's Long Tailed Tits didn't stop within range unfortunately.
Blue Tit and male Chaffinch
Great Tit
Greenfinch and Chaffinch
Greenfinch and Great Tit
Two Greenfinches
We've extended the branch by using a length of Bamboo cane to see if that'll work, might swing round too much in the forecast strong winds again tonight.
Where to next? Tomorrow is the last chance saloon for the hundred up at the nature reserve. We'll be there but will that elusive last species and will the cane be long enough??? The light on the feeder might be a bit better too which would be a boon.
In the meantime let us know what's flocking in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

Looks like your having fun and games with that Trail Cam davo! Probably be better with some sunshine!

Maybe you could set it up to get the shooting twats faces ;-)

cliff said...

Dave - Re. "No owls again! What is it with them and Sundays? Do they go to church?"

They must be Birds of Prey!!!

I have to admire your commitment/fortitude as you keep going to the mere in the appalling weather we've endured in recent weeks Dave - I've not been out(birding) once over the Xmas break, I may put that right tomorrow - if it ever stops raining, I dread to think how muddy it is at the mere at the moment though???