Thursday, 27 December 2012

Slip sliding away

The Safari reckons you can't beat bit of Mr Simon. 
This morning there seemed to be a bit of northbound Pink footed goose movement with two flocks of over 200 Pink Footed Geese seen flying directly over CR's place.
Then we took Frank for a meander along the southern portion of the southern section of the North Blackpool Pond Trail.
A nice morning to be out, mild with hardly a breath of wind and for a very refreshing change - no rain. 
As soon as we were through the gate the birds appeared, hordes of Blackbirds chucking leaf litter everywhere with Chaffinches following them around. Two Grey Squirrels hid 'things' under the trees, perhaps the same things the Blackbirds were digging up? Above several Goldfinches wrestled the seeds out of the Alder catkins.  We couldn't find any Redpolls or the Brambling(s?).
In the fields there were more Blackbirds and eight Magpies chattering vociferously at something unseen. 
A little further along the path splits. we took the high road to avoid the potential water hazard by the bridge with His Nibs. A couple or three months ago we noticed a crack in the ground, today the the crack was no more...while it's not the SW or S Wales it is a real landslip. A couple of veteran Hawthorn trees have slid down in to the dyke which is a shame as they were very popular with the late autumn berry chompers.
Good job he kept to the far side of the path as a new crack was seen right against the edging stones so the patch could crumble under his weight at any time!
And judging by this pic he has a fair bit of weight to do some crumbling with.
All those turkey left-overs and lack of exercise aren't doing him any favours.
Down at the horse gate the big poached muddy puddle hosted a Grey Wagtail.  just a bit too far in the dark for a decent pic

Also in the field were a large number of Starlings having a wash and brush up in a little puddle. A dozen each of Fieldfares and Redwings were close by too.
Another check for anything in the finch flock on the way back was unsuccessful. 
Mid afternoon gave us a flock of about 100 Pink Footed Geese heading south over Base Camp.
At sundown we met up with our Extreme Photographer at the nature reserve for a moonlit wander round to see if we could see any of the owls out n about. The Barn Owl wasn't in his box but the Little Owl put in a brief appearance on the barn roof. Close by the Cetti's Warbler sang from the reeds and several Snipe headed out to feed in the flooded fields.
Flights of both Mute and Whooper Swans came low over our heads to roost on the water. As always, on the water was a tight flock of Coot, about 300 of them.
We set off across the rough fields going high and low but found now owls or anything else for that matter, all was very quiet. Coming full almost full circle we sat in the hide for a fair while hoping for a Fox, Roe Deer, Bittern or any one of the owls, but nothing materialised....not even the moon' clouds had come in and rain was starting - time for tea.
Where to next? The forecast almost continual rain and some visiting might put paid to any more safaris this year but if we can get out we will. Trail-cam might turn up something.
In the meantime let us know what's sliding rapidly downhill in your outback.


Anonymous said...

There`ll be more watery hazards to come Dave. Belting it down over here....yet again.

cliff said...

I saw the 2 flocks of Pinkies Dave, well heard them 1st then dragged my arse off the settee & saw them, the 2nd flock seemed to loop round & go over twice, unless there were 3 flocks as I lost sight of them as they turned?

Loving the Redwing & Wagtail pics!