Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pink footed buses

The Safari arrived at work on a freezing dawn which brought a Song Thrush (P2 #89) to the front garden as we were unlocking the front door and get in the warm...nowhere warm for the poor thrush though but there might have been some unfrozen ground underneath the dense perimeter hedge and there are usually a few snails to be found under there too
Too foggy to go out for a shuffy at Patch 2 this morning but it was very good to hear more Pink Footed Geese flying overhead especially as we were sat at our desk, made the lack of getting out a little more bearable.
The conditions at lunchtime weren't much better and that light breeze was cruel; all we could see of any note were a few Sanderlings chasing round on the quickly expanding beach.
Where to next? Better visibility tomorrow?
In the meantime let us know how cold it was in your outback.

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