Friday, 15 March 2013

Flights of fancy

The Safari has little for you today. No Patch 2 visit early on due to heavy rain.
At lunchtime the weather had bucked up a fair bit and there was even a bit of sunshine trying its best to get through the clouds. We scanned a few times before we saw a huge wisp of waders comiing out of the river mouth. A real spectacle we don't often see from our viewpoint on the wall. Probably a mixture of Knot  and Dunlin but there could well have been a good number of other species in there too.
Our next spectacle was possibly further away. A multitude of Common Scoters took to flight well out towards the horizon and they just kept coming and coming, many hundreds of them. We couldn't see anything other than Common Scoters in the flock and only saw two Red Throated Divers that were any different.
Other news is a bit more dramatic. This morning we were supposed to be at a meeting at a nature reserve at the other end of the motorway but on Wednesday arvo we had a call from one of our big boss's secretary's asking us to be in for a phone call from him this morning so we didn't go to the meeting...DISASTER as a Lesser Scaup turned up there while we would have been chewing the environmental fat...better be still there tomorrow just before lunchtime when we'll be passing on our way to a family bash, or even Sunday morning when we'll be passing on our way to a different nature reserve and a big meet with our birding mates (one of whom is a right ole Weasel) for our annual Lesser Spotted Woodpecker pilgrimage.
Where to next? Think we've just given the game away!
In the meantime let us know what requires an annual pilgrimage in your outback.

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