Monday, 25 March 2013

They came, they saw, they didn't stay long!

The Safari heard the familiar honking of Canada Geese (Garden #24) going over whilst still in bed this morning. Always good to get a garden 'tick' before the alarm goes off!
Patch 2 wasn't too brilliant. The wind has dropped a bit but is still bitingly cold and keeping the sea chopped up quite roughly. We've no idea how many Common Scoters there might have been as we only got glimpses of partial flocks.
Half a dozen Red Throated Divers were seen, four going north, one south and one on the sea, all still in winter plumage. A pair of Eiders flew south too. A Great Crested Grebe was seen to land in the distance amongst a smallish group of scoters and was immediately lost in the waves. 
Best sighting of the day was of about 30 Golden Plovers that went past towards the estuary...about 10 minutes later they flew back from whence they came - obviously didn't like whatever it was they found down there!
At lunchtime another male Eider went south and that was about the only thing of any note.
Our best sighting might have been the Golden Plovers but the most interesting wildlife experience was provided by the Boss. He produced a nice Native Oyster from his pockets that he'd found on the beach yesterday when out with the family and dog. 
It's not big, being only about 8.5x8x3.5cm but it does seem very fresh with almost all the frillies undamaged and still quite sharp.

Unusual groove at the hinge end - wonder what made that.
Always something new to learn with this wildlife game, all us in the know need to do our utmost to get the youngsters to leave their tellies and Xboxes for five minutes every day and get outside to find out about the wonders in the real world around them. Have a look here - says it all really.
Perhaps then the nightmares that Warren and the River Ouse are suffering won't happen because the kids will understand the value of what they are thinking about destroying and chose a more sustainable alternative.
Sorry to depress you in these miserable weather conditions but hey ho it is on its way - Sandwich Tern at Bardsey Island today not that far from Patch 2 as the tern flies.
Where to next? More windy Patch 2 and little else unfortunately.
in the meantime let us know if there's anything looming on spring's horizon in your outback.


Anonymous said...

That`s one fine example of an Oyster shell Dave.

Warren Baker said...

That wind is just a killer! Cant stay out in it more than a couple of hours.

C'mon Spring!!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

You must be tough Warren - I can't stay out in it for more than a few minutes!