Saturday, 23 March 2013

One out - all out!

The Safari (somewhat sadly) avoided the cetacean survey from Birkenhead to Belfast with fellow naturalist Ed Drewitt, we were looking forward to working with him but have now learned that the ferries are running over two hours late due to the horrendous conditions out at sea so we've probably had a bit of a lucky escape.
Today absolutely nothing approached the fully filled feeder. We had the offer of nipping round the corner to CR's place to photograph the two Reed Buntings that graced his bird table...we had to decline cos we've totally run out of cut wood for Little Bertha and a garage full of bagged wood needed the attention of a saw! Eventually just before it started going dark a Magpie dropped in briefly, the only bird we saw in the garden all day.
Later this evening is Earth Hour when we will be turning the lights off for one hour. We've already had an extremely tasty vegetarian meal...and of course we are being warmed on this most awful of 'spring' nights by wood that would have otherwise gone to landfill.
If you can see it keep your eye on this iconic landmark.
 It might look like this
But a pull on this...yes it is the real Blackpool Illuminations Switch-on switch as pulled by mega-celebs like Jane Mansfield (1959, within days of our birth) and local horse Red Rum which we used to watch training on the beach while doing one of earlier jobs...and even Jeremy Clarkson!

And it should look like this.
If  you look out of the window between 8.30 and 9.30 tonight and can't see it, when you normally can, all is well and good!
Where to next? hopefully the wind will have dropped enough and the last of this morning's snow melted to be able to do our Winter Thrushes Survey and then maybe somewhere else...not been to Chat Alley for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Good on you for taking part in the earth hour Dave. And as for the snow melting...don`t think there`s much chance of that for a few days over here :(