Thursday, 28 March 2013

Lock your doors and windows!

The Safari watched a skein of about 75 Pink Footed Geese flying north early doors this morning while out with Frank, bon-voyage our friends see you in September hope you have a good season.
Patch 2 wasn't up to much, no sign of anything summery at all, we checked the wall for Meadow Pipits and Wheatears without success. Out at sea only the regular fare of scoters, grebes and divers on were on offer. Migration was evidenced by a single Curlew going north.
Lunchtime was no better although a horrendously distant gull could have been a Glaucous Gull milling around with a few much darker slightly smaller immature Herring Gulls but really it was far too far away to call. Eventually it dropped on the sea amongst the scoters at the horizon and was lost from view.
After lunch we were out on the front at work taking some publicity pics when we saw two of our colleagues come out for a bit of a smoko - they stood in the wrong place but we couldn't really see what they were upto on the pics when they suddenly looked down from their papers. A Fox was walking inches past their knees! Mid-afternoon! And there we were stood motionless gawping at it incredulously camera in hand!
The Fox is either just out of shot to the left or hidden behind the wooden groyne left of the yellow salt bin!
On the way back to Base Camp we called in at our potential Grass Snake site but it's still way too cold. nothing was under any of our refugia although a couple of small Frogs were found under a small slab at the water's edge and close by 12 slumps of spawn were counted. Devoid of birds and Water Voles too.

Where to next? A weekend full of safari-ing adventure to who knows where...stay tuned for more news from the wild outback.
in the meantime let us know if there's anything summery in your outback.

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