Friday, 22 March 2013

Wind up

The Safari didn't get much safari-ing done today, it waas a bot on the breezy side and the morning gave us horizontal snow.
The weather also put a major kibosh on our proposed weekend activity. We were supposed to be doing a ferry based cetacean survey for MARINElife from Birkenhead (Liverpool) to Belfast, but being team leader we had to make the decision to cancel it - not a difficult decision to make when we saw the sea at lunchtime.
On the sea a good sized flock of Common Scoters numbering perhaps as many as 1500 - 1750 in the air together was quite a spectacle. Unfortunately they were just too far away in the poor visibility to be able to pick out anything more unusual.
The only other sighting of note was a Grey Seal close in behind the gentle surf a few hundred yards to our south. 
Today is World Water Day - just seen on the news that some areas of the country are getting far too much of a good thing. Never-the-less do your bit to save on the water you use, easy really just have a think about how and where you're using most water and then try to cut out the waste.
In a similar vein tomorrow is Earth Hour. Around the world at 8.30pm all manner of people, businesses and organisations will be turning off their lights to draw attention to climate change - keep your eyes on Blackpool Tower if you can see it from where you are.
Where to next? Not at all sure what the weekend will bring - we don't think we'll be able to get our Winter Thrushes Survey in tomorrow as an alternative to our cetacean survey.
In the meantime let us know if it was safe to go out into your outback today

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