Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Still springy still surfless

The Safari wasn't liking the fog at all this morning which meant that searching for the Surf Scoter was impossible. We could only just about see across the beach and the low tide was quite high today if that makes sense. The beach held a modicum of interest with eight Sanderlings and a single Ringed Plover.
Mid morning an old friend, well he's a lot younger than us but we haven't seen him for many years, popped in for a visit. We chewed the fat for a while before havong a look at each others Land Rovers, his is far snazzier than our knackered old Disco...a new model Freelander - very swish! Anyway walking back he spotted a movement in the shrubbery and then we both heard the chittering of a Wren (P2 #45), a hard bird to get at work, only saw one last year although we missed one that the Young Un's saw.
Nearby the first Coltsfoot flowers of the spring were growing in the first flower bed.

Lunchtime on the wall wasn't much better than the early session. The fog had lifted to become a hazy mist but the real bug-bear if we can call it that was the sun again - arrrghhh far too bright! And again the huge majority of the scoters were to the impossible-to-look-into south.
Then we had a bit of a surprise - a Swallow was seen along the North Blackpool Pond Trail by the Project Officer - early as you like, hope it survives any cold spells that might lurking on the horizon, plenty of midge-like flies enjoying the sunshine this arvo for it though.
Where to next? More searching sewarching searching and associated stuff in dare we saw cloudy conditions...ooohh errr might not have really wanted to say that!
In the meantime let us how spring is coming along in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

Swallow already Davyman, excellent :-)

Anonymous said...

Swallow in the NW..Wheatears in the S. Hope this crap weather doesn`t hamper them !!

Edward said...

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