Sunday, 1 September 2013

Flippin windy

The Safari didn't get out at all today poor old Frank is sickly again. Overnight it was very windy and that wind was cold and when we got to the moth trap we weren't very hopeful. Opening he garage door to get the box of pots out there was a Silver Y hiding behind the door handle
Turning over the first egg box we found a Large Yellow Underwing so things might not be as bad as we first feared. Another LYU was followed by two Lesser yellow Underwings. It was then we noticed the back half of a dark brown moth sticking out from the gap between the bulb and the holder. We assumed two things 1) it was dead and 2) it was a Common Rustic. Neither were true; luckily we gently potted it rather than just tipped it out only to watch it fly away. It turned out to be a new for Base Camp this year, a Mouse Moth.
A Garden Carpet was trying to hide in the corner, when we coaxed it out we disturbed a smaller moth which fortunately dropped back into the boxes and didn't disappear over the rim of the trap! We caught up with it in a few minutes and it proved to be a rather nice little micro we've not come across before Ypsolopha sequella.
 And the last one after it had flown and landed on the patio wall, from the phone-cam.
A bonny little chap don't you agree?
A new bird for the year for the garden was heard on the wind, a Whimbrel (36).
That was it for safari-ing for the day, poorly dogs and curtains with the Extreme Photographer required our full attention for the rest of the day.
Just been watching Countryfile and really like the scarpering ducks pic.
Where to next? On the beach in the morning litter picking but with our eyes scanning every detail of in front of us we're sure to find something of interest.
In the meantime let us know what almost escaped over the top in your outback.

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Anonymous said...

Stunning little moths...them Yypsolopha`s. And well done on the new species for base camp, Dave.