Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Canadas from Canada?

The Safari was allowed out very briefly this morning and managed to catch up with the dodgy Canada Geese at last - fifth time lucky! Unfortunately the Barnacle Goose we would have liked to have seen too, for our Year List Challenge, was no longer with them.
But what exactly are they? Some are saying they are of the sub-species parvipes, others interior, to be honest we wouldn't know where to start in separating the two.
They're certainly small and short necked compared to the 'atlanticas' we were watching the other day.
The other big question is are they really from Canada? How do you tell without doing an isotope analysis on a feather or two? 
There were about 500 Pink Footed Geese in the flock and around 100 - 150 Lapwings dropped in, nice to see.
A Sparrowhawk was inches away from the tail of Feral Pigeon over the road on the way back to Base Camp...we didn't see the outcome in the rear-view mirror.
In the afternoon we hit the pub with Wifey for our anniversary slap up feast. The pub overlooks the creeks we visited with BD recently, no birds in them today, they were full to beyond busting on the very high tide.
The road by the viewing screen for the freshwater pool was flooded - no doubt there would have been loads of birds on the islands there but no chance of a stop to look.
Where to next? Reindeers anyone? Have a great Christmas, might not get a chance ot post owt tomoz.
In the meantime let us know what's causing all the mystery in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

Mystery in my outback it platic ????? check it out!