Saturday, 20 December 2014

Today's not been the best

The Safari was allowed out this morning as soon as news broke following two short unsuccessful jaunts to see the Barnacle and the Lesser Canada Geese in a large flock of Pink Feet.  We went out, with scope this time, for a proper look, at least this time it wasn't nearly dark! 
We arrived in bright sunshine which back lit the translucent wings of arriving birds and waving reed-heads in the ditches between the fields. The same reeds that hid many of the birds from view. We stood with some visiting birders who'd not long since arrived and had seen the Barnacle Goose and been told where to look for the Lessers. The wind was a bit chill but we tucked well back into the hedge for some shelter and that helped make the sun feel a little warmer. It also meant that one of the flock of Long Tailed Tits working their way along the hedge almost landed on our head!
We searched through the geese religiously but without success. Their musical conversational 'wink-wink' calls came drifting by on the breeze all morning, a lovely soundtrack to our increasingly frustrating search. Flying through the scope while staring at the geese for hint of white were numerous Starlings, a Blackbird and a couple of Pied Wagtails.
More Pink Feet flew in from fields to the east of us but most landed in the unviewable dead-ground in the dips or behind the reedy ditches. All of a oneness they got up and got shuffled around a bit but a large portion of them landed out of south. The culprit for the flush was a Heron arriving at the pond in the field.
The sun went behind some light cloud and immediately the wind felt 20 degrees cooler but at least the light was so much better for studying the geese.
More searching still gave us no joy with the dodgy geese though and then it was time to go. Third time unlucky but it was great to be out in the fresh air just watching a large flock of geese doing their thing
They might be in there somewhere!
Nine goals against and only one for our two favourite teams this arvo wasn't good.
Where to next? There's a good chance we'll be back again tomorrow, finding the Barnacle Goose would take our year list challenge with Monika to 180, she's 'probably' won as she's on 201 already but there are 11 full days birding left and you never know.
In the meantime let us know what's hiding particularly well in your outback.

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