Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Oh no a weather bomb’s coming – we’re all going to die!!!

As we arrived at work there was a bit of a sunrise beginning to happen but we had no chance of an early visit and only the briefest of visits to the seawall at lunchtime and that wasn’t overly productive. 

The tide was just about at its peak and if the cold brisk wind had had any west in it rather than being just about due south the waves would have been crashing over.

As anticipated there wasn’t too much to be seen and anything moving low over the water was mostly hidden in the troughs. Almost everything we did see was heading south, according to the Daily Fail there’s a bit of weather coming so they were probably moving to avoid the worst of what that’s going to throw at  us 

Err; it’s winter and Scotland is renowned for a bit of snowy and windy weather at this time of year – where’s the news in that? Anyone would think it’s Armageddon! The Shetlanders might think it windy enough to hang their laundry out!

 So what were the ‘they’ that were in escape mode? Nothing more than a few handfuls of Common Scoters although more, in small (as far as we could tell) flocks were seen briefly bobbing on the waves at various points of the compass, a couple of Great Black Backed Gulls cruised by in the middle distance, a bit of a weather bomb wasn’t going to phase them – they laugh in the face of weather bombs, even tougher with more front than Katie Price was the Cormorant heading straight out to sea an d into the worst of the oncoming weather.
Over to the south west towards Wales it was clear and we could see the foothills of the Snowdon Massif but out the way the Cormorant was going was a mass of threatening deep black cloud touching the sea well before the ‘normal’ horizon.

A Common Gull careened past fairly close in and that was it, our frozen fingers told us lunchtime was over! Time to abandon the fingerless gloves for some a little more substantial we think.

Winds’s picking up again now, better batten down the hatches, put the tin hat on and head for the bunker...or maybe not, might be something good out there tomorrow!

Where to next? Might even get an early Patch 2 look tomorrow.

In the meantime let us know who’s bravely flying the wrong way in your outback.


cliff said...

I've never heard the term 'Weather Bomb ' before today, but it's been getting a mention every 15 mins on the radio. Just a new phrase to describe the usual December weather fronts I suppose?

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

New one on me too, even having spent last 15 years keeping v close eye on weather and climate.



Warren Baker said...

They just love coming up with new dramatic sounding terms for our weather!!