Friday, 26 December 2014

An unwelcome guest

The Safari has been a little occupied the last 48 hours or so and we've not had a chance to do much wildlifiing. The drive down to our bro's on the South-side yesterday took us past the American Wigeon but no chance of spotting it at 50mph, had there been anyone on the roadside scoping it it was quiet enough to have stopped on the normally busy road and ask for a sneaky-peeky.
The tide was exceptionally high and rising covering much of the marsh but we saw no owls or Hen Harriers quartering the as  yet unflooded areas.
Today we topped the feeders up, pretty much depleted yesterday after a few hours of plummeting down to normal temperatures, doing so we saw there were several flowers still open on our Fuscia bush.
Greenfinch, Robin, Great and Blue Tits were about so we put out a fat block with added mealworms. We've never had much luck with these here but we try every year, hopefully the Robin and the Dunnock that's learned to hang off the wire sunny seed feeder will find it a bit easier to get a beakful.
This arvo we heard the anxiety calls of gulls that indicate a Heron is about. we looked through the upstairs window to see it hadn't come down to take its pick of our fish but had perched up on a neighbour's chimney pot. 
The Herring Gulls don't like it at all.
While all the commotion was going on a Sparrowhawk sped through un-noticed.
Where to next? A full day's safari-ing is earmarked for tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know who's getting all the grief in your outback.

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