Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Good look at more gulls

The Safari enjoyed a good twenty minutes on Patch 2 this morning. Again the tide was not far off the wall and again the gulls were very numerous lined up along the water's edge waiting for what the waves washed up, looked like mostly worms of some description but not Lugworms.
A good look through them revealed nothing out of the ordinary, not gulls anyway but there were about 500 Dunlin and 30 odd Knot.
Lunchtime came around and we got to have another look. The tide was well down now and the gulls very spread out and mostly distant. The light wasn't good for distant gulling. But the runnel at the bottom of the wall held nearly 50 Redshanks and a Knot. The Knot was working it's way closer so we snuck down to the bottom of the steps in font of it and waited phone in hand hoping for a good pic. It got closer still and our hopes were up. Then the worst happened a flipping dog walker appeared from the next steps along only yards from it and you've guessed it - it flushed miles down the beach! That did make us look at other parts of the beach and we found a few Sanderlings and a couple of Ringed Plovers.
Overhead there was a continuous stream of gulls heading north, wave after wave of them, thousands; most were Herring Gulls but there were smaller ones mixed in now and then.
Got to be a good one somewhere even if it something like this possible/probable hybrid from the Southside, those 'intermedius' Lesser Black Backs look smart too.
Later in the afternoon we had a meeting at the zoo to discuss some native wildlife events they want to get involved with in the New Year and a some 'spare corners' where native species can be encouraged and advertised to the visitors.
The Iberian Wolves looked in peak condition, beautiful animals with piercing golden yellow eyes, they don't howl though.
The Orang Utans were ready to go to bed so weren't wazzing around their brand new quarters which have lots more room and climbing activities to explore. On we went to the have a look at the two Siberian Tiger cubs. They're only a few moths old and already twice the size of Frank! What beauties, we'd have taken one back to Base Camp in an instant but they're a bit big for a small semi in the burbs...and then they'd grow - Dad was having his tea on the top of the climbing frame - huge!!! Must be well over 450 pounds, 30 stones!
A quick (Asian Short Clawed) Otter feed had a Heron in attendance on the look out for a freeby or two, which it got.

That's not how you spell Heron!

A very pleasant end to a good day's safari-ing.
Where to next? Hopefully there'll be a decent gull or two to find on Patch 2 tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know who's been creeping closer in your outback.

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