Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Evereyone's doing a review of the year

The Safari is going to be different and only you highlights of the last week - and only from the garden at that...and only during the day, not sure what's happened to the camera at night. Enjoy but view full-screen for best effect.

In other news we've been soundly thrashed by Monika in our annual year list challenge but we've got loads of lame excuses so that's OK.
All will begin again tomorrow, not heard from her for a while but I suspect we'll be 'on' again and our target will be the usual 200 species. So far we haven't got a foreign adventure lined up, unless you count Northumberland in May and perhaps mid-Wales in September.
Where ever we end up on a day to day basis we'll be enjoying and sharing our wildlife adventures with you, I hope you'll enjoy joining us as often as you can.
Where to next? Maybe a trip a little further than of late tomorrow.
In the meantime Happy New Year, hope 2015 is a good one for you and don't forget - Rewild yourself!

1 comment:

Monika said...

Yeah we're on! :) Barely made 200 this year myself, but it's a worthy target again. Good luck!