Wednesday, 6 May 2015

And the answer is...

The Safari was totally underwhelmed by your response to our little picture quiz the other day. Thousands of you didn't send your answers on a post card by snail mail or Tweet. C'est la vie!
We're sure you know and have just gone a little shy.
 So what was it??? Last chance to fire off an answer...
Too late
The shadow from a Pond Skater. You all got it right I take it.
With wet windy weather, the strong wind bringing the high tide over the wall on Patch 2 at lunchtime we've not been able to get out when we would have liked. Slightly annoying as our friend FB saw what would have been five year birds for us yesterday - always assuming we'd been able to be out when they passed our watch point.
So we have very little for you and it's a good job that our Extreme Photographer had sent a few pics from his kitchen window the other day. He's been having a bit of trouble with a Jay that has bashed a hole in his steel peanut feeder.
Again he apologises for the poor quality saying they were taken through his dirty kitchen window which doesn't open.
He says there should be some improvement when he gets his hide set up.

On a far less frivolous note most if you will have seen this despicable news today. As Chris Packham demonstrated with a Constable painting recently - 'they' are destroying our national natural  heritage - far better than a one moment in time masterpiece, a living breathing every-changing masterpiece...time for someone to go to prison and the whole lousy 'sport' of driven grouse shooting with all it's collateral damage eg dead Foxes, Badgers, Stoats, Polecats, Wild Cats, Pine Martens, Crows, Magpies, Ravens, Buzzards, Golden Eagles, Red Kites, Black Grouse, Common Lizards, Adders, pet cats, pet dogs, runners, lack of upland scrub including Juniper, increased risk of flooding, carbon emissions, lack of carbon sequestration, increases to our water bills and a stupid looking totally unnatural patchwork landscape  consigned to the history books.Time to get shut of the lot of them - Up the Revolution Brothers and Sisters! Enough is enough.
Come on new government bring in a ban preferably on Friday morning!
Where to next? Not a lot of point going to Bowland to look for Hen Harriers - they've all seemed to have turned their toes up.
Not much of  a logo for our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is it?
#HenHarrierDay August 9th it is then - WE ARE NOT AMUSED
In the meantime let us know who's viciously attacking the bird feeders in your outback

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Ian Doyle said...

Great post, I love the Jay photos.