Wednesday, 13 May 2015

For heaven's saker

The Safari is on holiday now - whoooopppyyyyy. We've got a few things planned.
Yesterday we found an unexpected visitor in the office.
 The works on the pipe across the beach are cracking on a pace.
We've been out on Patch 2 but had no luck other than a few Gannets, no Manx Shearwaters or Arctic Skuas that some of the other birders have been seeing. Our best was a flock of about 15 Kittiwakes.
Today we weren't able to get out as Wifey was called in to work - on the first day of her hols!!! - and we had to stay home to keep an eye on Frank. The weather was much better than of recent with light winds, warm sun and blue skies. Rather than do chores we got a patio chair out of the garage for the first time this year and just sat and watched and listened. Nice and quiet today not like Sunday aka power tool destruction of the environment day. 
Lots of Swallows went over mostly northwards but didn't have any House or Sand Martins with them. Something large and white went over at an incredible height, no idea what it was but it disappeared into a fluffy cloud, musta been at least 5000 feet up!
The gulls didn't disappoint, we heard their commotion and scanned around to find the Saker we saw near work the other day swooping past the water tower. Is someone flying it to scare pigeons and/or gulls or has someone lost it. Nice looking bird!
We also had our first Holly Blue and Large White butterflies and our second Speckled Wood in the garden.

Here's some of the other stuff we found
Unknown poo on the pavement outside the front gate - hedgehog, fox, very small dog, cat???
Bird Cherry
Wisteria about to open just in time for Wifey's bvirthday
Male Chaffinch - what a stunning looking bird they are
The local chorister
Where to next? Might get out somewhere local tomorrow afternoon.
In the meantime let us know who's got all the colours in your outback.

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Scyrene said...

Was the large white thing a plane, maybe? :P