Saturday, 16 May 2015

Out on the east coast

The Safari is up morth on the east coast for a few days. \not much to report just yet. Sunny spells and heavy showers driven along by abrisk offshore wind today.
Bamborough castle from the harbour

Farne Islands from the harbour
Eiders in the harbour - don't get this close to them on Patch 2! Phone pic
Dunstanburgh castle from the north
Dunstanburgh castle from the south
We've not seen many birds yet but a trip down to a local beach had us watching horrendously distsnt Little Terns (156) across the bay. We'll get much closer views later in the week.  A drive down to check out a local birding hotspot gave us a fluky Grey Partridge (157) fly over the hedge only a few yards in front of the car.

Where to next? More in-depth safari-ing in the morning so more news tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know who's flipping over the roads in your outback.

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