Thursday, 14 May 2015

We've come over all arty-farty

The Safari neglected to mention we added another species to our Year List Challenge with Monika who has been very busy with all things Orca (we hope you will offer at least moral support for her cause) but she's still ahead of us after her trip to Southern California and no doubt has added a few more she hasn't blogged about yet. Anyway we had a meeting in the big park the other afternoon which the previous day had been visited by a Spotted Flycatcher, we weren't hopeful it would hang around though. On the day of our meeting news broke around mid-morning that there wasn't just one Spotted Flycatcher there now but FIVE! BD was soon on the case wanting to get some decent pics and we were fortunate that by the time we arrived there mid-afternoon he had one nailed down for us. We only had a few minutes but enjoyed slightly obscured views as the Spotted Flycatcher (155) vied with a Blue Tit for the best morsels in the top of tree. The Swallows, House Martins and Sand Martins feeding low over the lake were impressive too. Almost as good as the flycatcher and probably better for the soul was the first screaming Swifts of the year - what a great sound, THE sound of summer.But will they find our nestbox, not seen any over Base Camp yet this year.
After our meeting we went back for a better longer look but had no luck, couldn't find any of them in the ten minutes or so we had available so we have to thank B for putting us straight on to it earlier.
The responses to our poo quiz have offered Fox as the most likely depositor not Hedgehog as we originally thought, must only be a cub though as it's not a very big dollop.
With the possibility of Foxes being about we put the stealth-cam out overnight but only got masses of pics of Woodpigeons and a few Blackbirds during the day and nothing, not even a cat, at night.
As the sun moved round the evening gave us some very arty effects - simple but hauntingly beautiful, very reminiscent of the chiaroscuro that Rembrandt and other great artists used.
No light and shade for this next pic which we took in the summery sunshine yesterday afternoon although we did struggle to find a patch of sky without hazy cloud from all the jet plane vapour trails. Without them the sky would have been this blue all over almost all day.
There's not been much happening at a much cooler and blusterier Base Camp today. We'll try again with the stealth-cam tonight.
Where to next? Tomorrow we will be mostly playing Buzzards v Kestrels.
In the meantime let us know who's come over all arty in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

Is that Woodpigeon in your garden Davyman, great garden if it is, very well laid out, a bit like mine :-)

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Yes it is Warren, just before you go round the back of the garage into the 'wild area'