Sunday, 24 May 2015

More than one moth at last

The Safari wasn't able to get out today but that doesn't mean that we missed out on safari-ing!  Our early morning walk with Frank gave us a sinfing Blackcap (Garden #29) that sounded as though it was in or near the Golden Triangle. Can't believe there's been so many about and this is the first we've heard from Base Camp. Not been past the Golden Triangle for ages, hope no-one has decided to 'tidy it up' - that would be an ecological disaster.
We put the moth trap out last night with the big light for a change. When we woke to take Frank out we could hear rain outside and looking out of the bedroom our fears were confirmed it was lashing down. Fortunately the light was still on and hadn't shattered. When we came to empty it out there must have been about two pints of water in the bottom and a load of soggy egg boxes. But there were moths - PLURAL - too.
All phone pics
Common Pug
A dark Shuttle-shaped Dart
A medium Shuttle-shaped Dart having a drink, or at least a taste of the table
A pale Shuttle-shaped Dart with a Flame Shoulder
Heart & Dart with another Flame Shoulder
There was a Light Brown Apple Moth too.
Later we were doing chores upstairs when we noticed something stuck to the bathroom floor. It was a small bee. The chores were dropped and the camera with macro lens picked up.
A tweet to bee expert RC had it identified as a Red Mason Bee, Osmia bicornis, a new species for us.
In the afternoon we had an attack on the garden with loppers breaking our own don't wreck the habitat for the 'sake of tidiness' rule but didn't come across anything of any note. In fact it was almost invert free for some reason. We had a look on the trellising to see if there were any jumping spiders or Ruby Tailed Wasps but there we nothing at all. After seeing our first local Blue Tailed Damselfly at the nature reserve yesterday we had a good look at our pond but there's no sign of them yet.
So you don't need to go far to see something new...only a s far as the bathroom! Isn't nature great.
Where to next? A twitch to the Southside could be on the cards tomorrow.
In the meantime let us know who's turned up in multiple numbers in your outback.


cliff said...

That Flame Shoulder moth is a bobby dazzler, the bee's a nice find too.

David said...

Common pug photo exactly like mine so secured my identification