Wednesday, 16 September 2009

On the patch today

The safari was out at first light this morning and bagged a Peregrine Falcon followed by a singing Chiffchaff - which was nice! Still waiting for the biggy or a fall of Blackbirds etc.
Patch two before work provided a Grey Seal and not a lot else...somewhere out there is a Velvet Scoter with my name on it but only distant Commons today and a couple of scurrying Auks.
There is a Garden Cross Spider with a huge web across the side kitchen window just itching to be blogged but he is all curled up in a tight ball at the moment - as soon as he sits in the middle of the web I'll dash out with camera and snap him - he's probably a she!
Where to next? Long, long day at work tomorrow so may have to wait 'til the weekend - which just happens to be National Moth Night. And maybe a surprise on Sunday.
In the meantime let us know what's lurking outside your outback kitchen window.
Soz - no photos today. Didn't post any on yesterdays rant 'cos I didn't want to patronise all you wildlife experts with pics of the plainly obvious what they are Bluebells, Oak Trees and Red Deer etc.....


Warren Baker said...

Patch one - Patch two, How many you got ???

The Abbot said...

I like Red Deer.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Warren

Patch 1 = 1/2 hour blast round the park 06.15 - 06.45. Not bad at the moment as it is first-light be useless in a week or two - pitch black! Then I get another stab at it around 6.30pm.
Patch 2 = 10 minutes scope off the prom before sticking my nose to the grind'puter. Sometimes get another 10 minutes at lunchtime if I'm lucky