Friday, 18 September 2009

Robins, robins, robins

The safari got to 'Patch 1' - aka the park - just before sun-up this morning and the only noticeable wildlife was the ticking and warbling of Robins...lots of Robins. It seemed as if almost every clump of bushes had one hiding in its darkest recesses. There was a minimum of NINETEEN in total. Despite a bit of hunt round for anything else nothing popped up as being out of the ordinary. But are there nineteen Robins normally or was that a bit of a fall...I was a little earlier than of late. What will the count be tomorrow morning or will it be the turn of Blackbirds...or something else?
Back home for brew and brekky the kitchen window Garden Cross Spider was sat in the middle of her web and with enough daylight by now I was able to get shots from both outside and inside i.e her upper and undersides.

A fearsome beasty which wifey hopes will stay on that side of the window and not venture indoors!
Earlier in the week Blackpool played host to the end of one of the stages of the Round Britain cycle race. I set the alarm on the mobile and when it went off I dashed outside with the camera hoping for a fist full of action shots. No chance! The police outriders on the motorbikes with the blue flashing lights should have stopped the lot of them and booked them all for speeding - they were doing well over the 30mph speed limit.

Consequently I only got a couple of shots away as they zipped through - the noise was like an enormous Starling roost swooping in to land on masse.

I quite like this blurry rider shot - gives some arty impression of the rider in full flight with the finish line only a few hundred yards away. Total fluke though!
Where to next? Don't forget it's National Moth Night at the weekend so there could deffo be something nocturnal in the offing. And there's more...hoping beyond hope for a warm and sunny day on Sunday'll have to wait and see...if we're successful and that's no way guaranteed - rather the opposite - I'll be well happy, overjoyed cross everything including yer buttocks for us!
In the meantime let us know who, or what, has been whizzing past in your outback.
PS Just found out today that one of my 'chums' from Aus has just been given AU$895,000 (about £11.56 hahahaha) to spend on MOUSETRAPS of whatever type he chooses to rid some of the Western Australian outlying islands of feral rodents...go Keith - somewhere in my boxes of old photos I 've got a picture of him holding a very rare but very cute looking Greater Spiny Stick Nest Rat, he couldn't hold a Lesser SSNR cos sadly they are now extinct.


Warren Baker said...

Probably local robins dave. They've had a good year this year. :-)

Monika said...

I hope all our local spiders stay outside as well!

As for those puffins, I'd send some more your way if I had any to send! They used to be a bit more common here in local waters but I haven't seen one in a few years now. The population is too small for them to even worry about it at the state level...most of those cool birds are found far to the north.

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Thanks MOnika - got a coupla heerman's Gulls instead - now they'd go down a storm at Seaforth docks!!!