Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Wifey made me re-do my rant!

The trouble with surveys is you might not like the results. I found such a survey in this month’s edition of British Wildlife magazine. A quality read which I recommend anyone who has an interest in our wildlife to subscribe to.
The survey was undertaken by a leading chain of h/motels and 3000 adults were asked what they knew about our marvellous British countryside.
Now 3000 is not a big sample but is probably reasonably representative of travelling reps and families.
So what did the survey say you are asking yourself well here goes be prepared to be shocked and aghast at the result:
Frighteningly over half thought our countryside was boring with nothing to see (the ignorant fools to admit that I ask you!). I almost blame the great Sir David Attenborough – you can see swarming hordes of Wildebeests stampeding across the Serengeti or rivers full of Hippos and Crocodiles at the touch of a remote control button.
Obviously the thousands of us the wildlife Bloggers are wasting our time or seeing things that are not really there!!!!!
An astonishing 83% could not identify a Bluebell - THE iconic flower of our woodland - how can it be iconic if 83% don’t know what it is I ask you?
27% thought a Hare was a Deer – what on earth do they think Deer are? Elephants!!! Giraffes!!! The mind boggles.
12% identified a Red Deer stag as a Reindeer – an easy mistaka-to-maka - hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Somewhat worryingly 10% could not identify a Sheep & 44% could not identify an Oak Tree. How???? It’s plastered over pub signs the length and breath of the country. The tree that helped us keep our monarchy and the Spanish and Napoleon at bay should be shown a little more respect than that.
Then 71% didn’t know what a Pine Tree was. No, surely that can not be right!
There were a couple of other trickier questions which only a tiny proportion got right and all this goes to show how far removed the urban population of this county is.
The safari'll take em out and get them cold and muddy and show them some superb wildlife - for a price of course, gotta make a livin' yer know.
Later dudes...


Monika said...

In my line of work as a wildlife tour guide, it is frightening sometimes how little people know about nature...we get all kinds of crazy questions, but what worries me most is that we often (OFTEN!) get asked why whales come to the surface. The first time I was asked this years ago it took me a while to realize the answer they were looking for was "to breathe". Many people don't realize whales are mammals!

It's really unfortunate when people can't even recognize the icons of their own region, like the bluebell. I was going to say maybe we have our schools to blame for a lot of this, but it really must be society as a whole since this knowledge is readily available outside of the classroom as well!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

You might not believe this but one of the great unwashed asked me where the beach was recently. They had visited blackpool before and was sure they had been on the beach...TIDES dear... they happen quite often..and she looked like a studenty cleverish type not a doughbrained chavette



Warren Baker said...

I read that article dave. I was utterly dismayed by the ignorance of society. They know more about the soaps on telly!!