Thursday, 3 September 2009

A trip down memory lane

The safari visited Marton Mere nature reserve for the first time in ages. On the walk in there was a juvvy Heron just standing on the path. Nearly didn't get a shot off as a dogwalker appeared from the otherside and although he could see what I was doing just kept coming. I was hoping to be able to inch a little closer but you guessed it he flushed it...marvelous. Same happened with two Herons at the very end of the walk - they were in a pond very close to the path, I got a bit nearer and cautiously set the camera up and was just about to click away when a dopey woman threw a stick into the pond for her dogs to fetch. Not as if it wasn't obvious what I was about to do cos she'd watched me stalking them for a few minutes; AND there are several notices asking you to keep your dogs away from the water. D'ya know what - I don't think she could be bothered waiting for me to finish getting my photos so she deliberately scared em off. Dozey, selfish cow! A total imbecile who should not be allowed 1) to keep dogs and 2) out of her front door!!!
The mere itself was looking good but there didn't seem to be too many birds on which isn't unusual for the rtime of year though more gulls to rummage through wouldn't have gone amiss. Sorry about the list to starboard, being pulled by Frank at the time. The striking patch of yellow plants are Hoary Ragwort. The patch of dead flowers in the foreground are the remains of Black Knapweed. Looks like there has been a good show of wildflowers on this meadow over the summer.

Out of the wind it was quite warm and sheltered areas held a few dragonflies. This one is Common Darter, also seen were Brown Hawker, Emperor and Migrant Hawker.

Round where the kids feed the ducks there was a young Black Headed Gull which seemed to be having a right old peck at whatever took its fancy on the reed stems. Even had a go at one of the young Mute Swan's toes at one stage. They do stick em out at a tempting height.

I ddin't count the Coot but there were probably around 150. Interestingly one at the feeding area was ringed. We have seen ringerd Coots here in the past; if I remember rightly almost all were 'done' on passage at the Wigan Flashes. Tried to get a few shots of the ring but had no bread to coax it up the bank and get it moving about. Just got the one pic which is inconclusive unless there is enough there for someone to have stab at identifying the individual. C,G,6? N 4? then toddled into the water and swum off to join its mates in a pond weed feeding fenzy.
The mere looking westwards over the reedbeds to the iconic Blackpool Tower. Very quiet in the reeds today only a lonely Blue Tit and eventually a Reed Bunting dropped in from on high. Still a bit too early for the Bitterns.
A short blast of sunshine revealed a nie bright fresh Small Tortoiseshell feeding on the Hoary Ragwort.
Nearly all the way round, looking back over the mere to the north east. In clearer weather you get a good view of the Bowland fells from this vantage point.

Where to next? Somewhere new and unusual coming up I think .

In the meantime let us know who is pecking whose feet in your outback.

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Warren Baker said...

Nice to see i'm not the only victim of mental dogwalkers ! See my post today re - coot!!