Saturday, 26 September 2009

So little it's hard to think of a title for this post

The safari was on Patch 1 well before first light this morning. Absolutely nothing doing at all not even a Robin or Wren. On the way back home checked out the water tower - sadly no sign of the Peregrine today. A good many Magpies rattling away in 'Magpie Wood' but still too many leaves to be able to see most of them and too dark anyway. Frank and I managed to sit quietly and watch the Fox for a several minutes without dog-induced incident - well done Frank! In fact as we headed off home for breakfast in the half-light of dawn we could still see his eye-shine catching the light from the street-lamps - well done Frank, can you behave well again later tonight and/or tomorrow morning?
A little later Patch 2 was given the shortest of goes. The usual strip of Common Scoters was bobbing along out there. They were very settled on the calmest sea for a fair while with very few flying around so no chance off seeing the odd one out. Absolutely nothing else over the sea - nothing at all. Gulls, Oystercatchers and a couple of Sanderlings knocking about around the low watermark on the beach. Not a decent gull to be seen - no sign of the dodgy Herring Gull seen earlier in the week, white wing tips with black 'mirrors' almost like 2nd year Mediterranean Gull. 'Northern' Herring Gull? - Surely far too early this far west and the light nowhere near good enough to determine if the mantle colour was significantly paler than normal.
Best news of the day was that both Everton and Blackpool won. Blackpool are now at their highest position in the league for a helluva lot of years - 5th in the Championship (= Div 2). If their current form continues they should hit the relegation 'safety' total of 50 points in 26 games (15 more games so a way to go yet) leaving 20 left to attack a Play-off place...Come on you Tangerines!!!
After full time it was time to hit Patch 1 again. Took the camera seeing as how it was still light. Missed the only shot of the day a low slow fly-over by a male Sparrowhawk - but still couldn't get the camera organised fast enough. A few Blackbirds rustled in the dry, fallen leaves and there was a little song from Robins...what will the morning bring? The Magpies were giving something on the water tower a bit of lip but rather than the Peregrine it turned out to be two Crows.
Where to next? Only a short blast out may be possible tomorrow unless of course the Sandhill Crane lands somewhere twitchable then all plans might just go straight out of the window.
In the meantime who's winning in your outback.

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