Saturday, 19 December 2009

Anyone lost a...

The safari was out in the sub-zeros at lunch time today with a frozen trip out to Patch 1 with Frank and his rugby ball. Nothing much doing but the sound of House Sparrows emanating from Chavland was noticeable even against the wind would love a flock of these to visit Base Camp on a regular basis. A couple of Collared Doves flew over the field and, of course, the ubiquitous Magpies clattered about the trees. Good to get out in daylight. Then later, at teatime, we were out again and who should we see up on the water tower...yep the Peregrine is back from where-ever it disappeared to.
Although it was dark and heavy rain had set in the temperature had reached a giddy 5.5C - so night-time was warmer than day time. A 'normal' night-time minimum temperature in Blackpool is 2.25C so anything warmer than 4.5C could be regarded as 'officially' high. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. still as I said earlier today a 4C rise is probably likely now in the next generation or I'm off to trade up the biodiesel Disco for a 5.0l Supercharged Rangie Sport...will someone upgrade my salary to match please!
Where to next? Look out for a local safari tomorrow might be something sort of northern or eastern to be discovered.
In the meantime let us know what's sweating in your outback
Didn't take camera today...sorry.

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