Saturday, 5 December 2009


The safari would like to thank Warren & Monika for their kind concern re the safari's poorly hands. Not only do we have bad hands to worry about but the 'Pool have just clinched defeat from the jaws of victory in their home match against Barnsley...1 - 0 up with only 6 minutes to play...idiots! 3 points would have left only 19 to get for the relegation busting target of 50 with well over half the season still to play and have us at 4th in the table. But we have a few tricky games coming up in quick succession..need to find some form or at least learn how to defend! At least PNE lost aswell.
Frank dragged us out over the still shortened Patch 1 walk - we took our 'new' video camera - an old Sony 8 with tape - and got some shots of the Magpies starting to settle down in their roost in Magpie Wood but the battery ran out before we could film the Peregrine coming to his roost on the ledge on the water tower.
Where to next? Visiting the sick again tomorrow but might try for half an hour on the way for the elusive Shore Lark/Great White Egret if we get the chance.
In the meantime let us know what's hiding where in your outback.
Sorry no pics again but does anyone know any easy/cheap way to convert video tape to computer files?

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