Thursday, 3 December 2009

Dipped, dipped, despondant

The safari is devastated today with news from the south side; reading the comments on JD's blog it transpires that the Shore Lark is still present in its usual place as was the Linnet and Twite flock - so where the freak were they on Tuesday??? Not only that, a Lapland Bunting was at the Green Beach where we avoided going due to shortage of time - wish we'd known we could have squeezed a few minutes birding in...doh...not seen one of those since can't remember when!
Where to next? Desolation has set in on the wettest, coldest, windiest day of the year - the laundry on the line is wetter than when it went out - the rain is rattling on the windows and we haven't got our pressy for the office Secret Santa tomorrow lunchtime! Something tells me its not a wildlife safari tomorrow its far far worse - a Christmas shopping safari. Jeez I hate that; you spend ages sorting out your plastics for recycling they go to China where they get recombined in allsorts of undo-able combinations, we buy the item, it breaks and can't be recycled so goes to landfill anyway! Oh joy!
In the meantime let us know how far it is to the shops in your Christmasy outback.
Sorry no wildlife pics again today...not takin the camera out in THAT!
PS. The Peregrine was on the water tower on the return leg of the shortened Patch 1 walk this evening BUT it wasn't there on the outward journey five minutes we now know it flies around in the dark, even though it may have only moved from one side of the tower to the other to escape a change in wind direction.

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Warren Baker said...

sounds dire for you Dave mate! At least you not got a chest infection, (yet!)

Things will change,

See Ya!!!