Thursday, 10 December 2009

The net result

The safari went out on to the beach armed with the sharpest knife in the world and failed miserably to remove much more than a few square metres of the trawler net. Jeez, was it tangled beyond strangulation after the several tides since we first noticed it! Wrapped in and through the Mussels, caught around several uprights and wrapped around itself – in a word a totally tangled web of a nightmare. Add to the that the fact it was impossible to stand still for more than a few seconds due to our boots disappearing in sinking sand and you get the picture as to why we had to leave it where it was and phone the ‘experts’. How they will tackle it is anyone’s guess. Fortunately there was no sign of anything trapped in it…yet…
On our way out to the net we noticed a couple of Turnstones picking through the Mussels on the pipe and about 25 or so Oystercatchers were on the beach nearby. Very wary they are…and horribly difficult to approach close enough to get a half decent pic despite the beautiful bright, but hazy, sunshine.
Looking down the beach we could see a low mist coming up from the warming sand but the photos haven’t picked it up. All you can see is that the pier legs look a bit fuzzy.
Out on the water it was very quiet, nothing of any note moving at all, barely a gull even.
Venturing on to the beach gives opportunities to see the sights of Blackpool from a different perspective – looks quite inviting on a sunny day like today.Not quite warm enough for sunbathing though…maybe next summer…
Where to next? Patch 1 to check out if the Peregrine is sat on his usual ledge, probably is – why change the habit of a lifetime. He was last night but we didn’t get that far this morning.
In the meantime let us know what’s at risk of getting tangled up in your outback.


Warren Baker said...

I would of burnt the net in frustration Dave !

Monika said...

Valiant effort Dave! Too bad it proved so tough.