Sunday, 20 December 2009

Top predators

The safari was out in the pre dawn smattering of snow this morning and we had the top (local) avian predator, the Peregrine Falcon sat a little way round the tower from where we saw him last night - obviously the wind had changed and he'd had to shimmy along the ledge to get out of the draught. beneath him snuffling around in the middle of the road was our local mammalian predator/scavenger, a Fox, not see none for a while but great to know they're still about.
Had a browse through a couple of our earlier posts and noticed that the numpty that writes this rubbish forgot to put the pic of the Indo Pacific Dolphin here it is.

Also got an old fashioned slide of one almost sat on my feet (rather than one 10 feet away) which I might be able to post, technology allowing - and yes they are fully wild, free-swimming animals not in a giant fish tank!

Briefest of updates over - the safari is off to a snowy nature reserve to grill some gulls roosting on the ice...fingers crossed for a goody or two.

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Warren Baker said...

Good luck with them Gulls Dave, keep warm up there!