Saturday, 19 December 2009

Climate chaos

The safai got up this morning and noted a temperature of almost -5C showing on the Base Camp weather station. That's pretty chilly for us here on the NW coast.
A few hundred miles away in Copenhagen world leaders have just thrashed out a deal worth begger all probably. The poor nations and island states (the ones with most to lose) wanted temperatures to reach no more than 1.5C above historic values. The west wanted 2C, the deal looks like 3C is more likely, which means if actions are properly taken then 4C is probable. Just think the amount of our money they spent propping up a failed banking system which was full of opur money anyway could have been spent on some serious mitigation and research work. 200 bankers got £5 million bonuses (simple maths = £1 billion, a serious amount of cash). But never mind that what happens at the end of the biggest climate summit - Britain is plunged in to an Arctic winter giving plenty of ammunition to the usual sceptics - that's the trouble with Britain we have a lot of weather and no climate. What they have forgotten is that we used to have winters like this all the time not as one off days like now. I have pictures in my photo album (for younger readers it's like flikr but a real paper book with real paper pictures in it) of snow in Norfolk up to the top of the road signs, and pack ice floating off Formby Point with a two foot high ice cliffs where the freezing tide has gently lapped in - sights like this are probably a thing of the past.
Topped the bird feeder up but nothing has arrived yet - probably all in Fylde Coast Wildlife's garden over the road (he had a Grey wagtail on his pond the other day not seen one of those at the Base Camp pond for years) or Fleetwood Birder's garden not too far away. Warren do you hire out Moorhens, Siskins, Greater Peckers etc?
Where to next? Out in to the garden (won't flush anything! - didn't) to chop this weeks supply of logs then it's off to Bloomfield Road to watch the Seasiders thrash the living daylights out of the (almost) invincible West Brom - actually I'll be happy with a boring 0 - 0 draw and the point but 2 - 0 for us would be very welcome. Late update Match Postponed due to frozen pitch.
In the meantime let us know what is, or isn't visiting the feeders in your freezing, or otherwise, outback.
Got a rant about methane coming you can't wait!
Sorry no pics today not able to find said photo albums from yesteryear - been stashed away somewhere. Had a look for em - found the albums but wanted pictures missing probably fallen out with several others over the years - sorry.

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Warren Baker said...

Here Here! Dave,
It's not even that cold here, the snow fell on wet ground, and had it froze before the snow things would be alot worse, people don't understand the weather at all!

As for hiring out birds, yea sure, i'll send them air mail!!