Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Royal turn

The safari dipped out on seeing the queen in town the other day, for all the singing and dancing m'larky she gets invited to and has to put up with, but we would certainly prefer a Royal Tern! Wonder if she actually likes any of the acts or just claps politely as they leave the stage thinking "doh, not more drivel". Never got to see Queen the band either but have got Princess Anne on my royalty tick list.
More importantly that king of birds, our regular Peregrine, is back at his roosting ledge on the tower this evening. No other news...meetings, meetings, meetings!!!
Possibly even more important that royalty and birding; the 'Pool won away 3 - 0 last night...excellent news, now an away win on Saturday would leave only 5 wins and a draw for safety this season with just over half the season still to play - that I would like!!!
Where to next? Patch 2 to remove that old net if no one else has done it yet.
In the mean time let us know what species of royalty have graced your outback recently.
Sorry no wildlife pics AGAIN today. apologies for the over excessive Blue Tit yesterday.

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