Friday, 26 February 2010

Bad weather hinders birding

The safari has been unable to get out for the last coupla days. Big Frank had his op and won’t be able to walk more than a few paces for some time so Patch 1 news is going to be limited to what can be seen from Base Camp. Poor mutt really is in the wars this time, he’s got some serious healing to do.
No time for a Patch 2 visit today but with torrential rain it was never going to be a pleasant experience anyway.
So there you go – no news today what-so-ever! Hang on a mo,Geronimo – there is some news - a Slug was slowly slithering about in the street last night – heaven knows what it was doing or where it was going. Yes, it was a little bit warmer than it has been, but still only 5ºC! Still too cold for slugs and snails to be coming out of hibernation – musta been the wet rain and damp that’s gone and woken it up.
Apparently the Poulton Crem Green Woodpecker is still knockin’ about so we might have a short try for that over the weekend. What is it with cemeteries and Green Woodpeckers? Must be the wood-pasture like habitat with open areas of short grass and scattered trees. Can’t imagine there would be any ants at this time of year for them but they must have an alternative ground based winter food supply. Whatever it is that is attracting them we’ll go and have a look, respectfully of course. It was a bit uncomfortable hovering around the periphery trying to be as unobtrusive as possible at the other cemetery while mourners were arriving for a funeral.
Never seen a woodpecker in the little churchyard by the Crown and Anchor at Spurn yet. An unusual place that, often full of excited birders hunting rarities, but the two unnamed sailors in the corner always leave us with a resounding feeling of sadness. Who were they? What must their families have gone through not knowing where their loved ones were buried? If indeed they ever thought they could have been buried and not lost forever at sea. I think they give us more of a sense of our own frailty than the named souls lying with them. One day we’ll all be there…will we have clear consciences when the time comes, have we done right by the planet and all its inhabitants?
Where to next? Apart from the above probably not very far.
In the meantime let us know why you’re unable to get to the farthest corners of your outback.

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Craig said...

Hi Dave,

I wish Frank a speedy recovery.

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