Saturday, 20 February 2010

Not a lot of late news

The safari didn't get a chance to have a look over the marshes yesterday but we did a Coal Tit (108) looking for the fir tree my cousin had chopped down in ma 'n' pa's garden the previous day.
We were there to tidy up the disaster he had made with a little bow saw - bring out the safari's chain-saw and sned up and log the trunk properly - also took the two foot+ stump down to about 5mm. All grist to the mill for next year's fires.
On the way home we passed the marshes without stopping. wifey was hoping for a Short Eared Owl from the driving seat, but we were unlucky. A few Little Egrets and a massive flock of Wigeon were easily spotted.
Tried to get a pic of the Starlings leaving the roost for Forest this morning but got waylaid by a gadger looking for the Peregrine on the tower and bizarrely ended up learning about the genealogies of dozens of Siberian Tigers from the stud book - weird or what at 07.30 in the morning in the middle of a suburban street!!!
Today was mostly householdy type stuff followed by more wood cutting stuff. Hands will be suffering like mad tomorrow no doubt.
Not alot of time to see anything in the garden but we did hear Dunnock, Blue Tit and Wren. Bird of the day at Base Camp was the Peregrine circling several times during the mid-afternoon.
'Pool won 2 - 0 this arvo so with two 2 - 0 wins this week; thankfully they're getting back on track.
Where to tomorrow? Those green things still need to fall and there is plenty of farmland stuff that needs knocking off too. Unless we get a offer to join a green-lane tour.
In the meantime let us know what you've been up to in your outback, safari-ing or chores?


Warren Baker said...

108 already Dave, took me a whole year to get 109 last year!

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

No worries Warren - You're patchin I'm twitchin - sort of.



Craig said...
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Craig said...

Hi Dave,

Im the strange guy you bumped into on your local patch this morning.
After coming across your "Blog" last night (after Googling....Peregrine water tower Blackpool) ...thought i would check out your patch this morning (its a nice place, and im sorry if i spoiled your peace and quiet when walking with your lovely dog Frank).
Having "dipped out" for the past two mornings with the Peregrine Dave....after i left you i went to my local woods to "cheer myself up" with the hope of some Sparrowhawk activity but also "dipped out" again with them too (its unusual not to see them on my local patch).
Three mornings ago....(on my patch) the male Sparrowhawk was doing some nest building at 7-15am, but i think perhaps the snow fall this morning might of stopped
any nest building this morning.
Hopefully i will see your Peregrine next weekend, because during the week ill be hopefully watching Sparrowhawk activety on my patch.

p.s. As im writing this....there are 6 Turnstones in front of the sea wall (they have just gone)

best wishes,