Monday, 22 February 2010

Nowt about!

The safari endured a frustrating day today - reasonable weather but no chance to get out. Early morning dawn is brightening up it won't be long before we will be able to see in colour at that un-godly hour. No sign of the Peregrine again this morning and we didn't see it late last night but we did hear it making a right racket. All the usual suspects, except Wrens, were tuning up, still not quite there yet but getting better...thankfully Rachel Carson's Silent Spring is at least another year away.
Out on Patch 2 the light was stunning, what a shame the wildlife wasn't. All we could muster were four, yes a grand total of four, Redshanks and a dozen Oystercatchers. A coupla dozen gulls sat in Med Gull pool but the star of the show wasn't with them.
No chance of a lunchtime session - coulda done with one in the pub though...
Back on Patch 1 for Frank's nightly game of rugby and the Peregrine didn't show or call this time, wonder if it'll be there on our last round later tonight.
Where to next? Better opportunities for Patching tomorrow...and there's a Green Woodpecker still to be found a little ways down the road.
In the meantime let us know what was or wasn't sat in the pool in your outback today.
Sorry no pics...didn't take any from the innards of the conference hall as I didn't think you'd be particularly interested in seeing the backs of peoples' heads.
A word of warning - Wifey bought a tambourine on ebay today to accompany her kareoking, so if you're in the vicinity of Base Camp you might be wise to cover your ears - she could be LOUD. Good but LOUD. Bring on Green Day, Debbie Harry, Annie Lennox and the rest of the gang...I can feel another recording session in the offing.

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Craig said...

Hi Dave,

Perhaps the Peregrine didnt turn up because he thought i might be there LOL
Anyway, im pleased to say i had lots of Hawk activity this morning, he was nest building, and she was busy flying about.

best wishes,