Monday, 1 February 2010

Bryter layter

Perhaps that should really be Bryter earlyer but either way you can’t beat a bit of Nick Drake.
The safari was a few minutes later than usual on Patch 1 this morning and had the Peregrine again on the water tower in the brightening light of early dawn. A Dunnock was singing its flat little ditty on the way back to breakfast…the first of the year at Base Camp…another one that successfully managed to avoid being spotted during the Big Garden Bird Watch.
On a cold Patch 2 there were exactly 330 Oystercatchers, all stood still; nice and easy to count for a change. A Redshank called from below our feet on the other side of the sea wall but none were seen. No Turnstones either but the Mussel-laden outfall pipe was almost fully covered by the tide so they were probably lurking on the wall with the Redshanks.
Plenty of gulls were scattered about the beach. Lots of uncounted Black Heads, a good many Herrings, maybe a couple over two dozen Commons, which is not a bad number for here, and single Great and Lesser Black Backs (1st winter and adult respectively).
Out on the sea three Common Scoters were close enough to be able to easily pick out the yellow patch on their bills, but nothing else out there at all…all quiet on the rising tide!
No lunchtime safari to the sea wall today, instead it was off to the warehouse to get a new scope – duly purchased. Not a branded monster at two grand or more, but a cheap and cheerful good as you’ll get for the money. So now we have one for the sea wall at work and one to take out on safari in to the wilds. Will it help us spot the good stuff, probably not but it will make whatever we find appear nearer. Next up is finding out which camera fits it best for digiscoping.
Where to next? Patch, patch, patch and patch again.
In the meantime let us know what you would like to get nearer to in your outback.
Sorry - no pics today


Warren Baker said...

Patch, patch, Patch again...... Keep at it Dave, a mega will turn up one day!

Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Warren, keepin my eyes peeled for the velvet scoters! Seen today on the south side...dohhh if only they were a bit bigger (or further north) - tomorrow they'll probably be sat 100 yards off the sea wall cos I'm unable to get out.