Thursday, 4 February 2010

Early morning pea soup

The safari was not happy with the referee at last night’s footy match – the Seasiders lost 3 – 2 to a very dubious penalty decision, a dodgy offside goal for Albion’s second too – have to see the TV replays but we wuzz deffo ROBBED! Not good enough in the first half, we appeared to be frightened of them but in the second a clever set of substitutions had us attacking with venom, a couple of close misses, a clatter off the bar, header off the line by a defender (who shouldn’t have been stood there) and right at the death the ball shaved the paint off the wrong side of the post in a goal mouth scramble – all in all a good close game but it wasn’t to be! Still need 11 points to be guaranteed safety for this season; bring on the first three of them on Saturday against the Foxes of Leicester City, got my ticket – but will I have got my voice back by then?
Out as usual on Patch 1 and yes you’ve guessed it - the Peregrine was fast asleep on his usual ledge. We’re gonna miss him when it gets lighter earlier in a couple weeks time and he’s flown the coop by the time we get there. No sign of the Fox this morning although by the serious amount of sniffing Frank did it had definitely been out and about over night. There had been a bit of overnight mist which had condensed and frozen on the ground making walking rather interesting shall we say.
By the time we got to work the mist had thickened in to a full blown pea soup fog over the Promenade and out to sea, so getting out would have been pointless; wouldn’t have been able to see to the end of the telescope!
Our lunchtime visit wasn’t much better. Crackin light but hopeless visibility. Nothing much to show for the few minutes we spent searching a rather lifeless sea. A few gulls bobbed about between the white horses, a handful of Cormorants peered out from between the waves like bizarre periscopes and a dozen or so fairly distant Common Scoters flipped in and out of view in the swell. Pick of the bunch…two Great Crested Grebes flying south about five minutes apart…yes it was that exciting – absolutely riveting!
Where to next? More of the gloomy, grey same for the rest of the week TFI Friday tomorrow!
In the meantime let us know what is lurking in the gloomy greyness of your outback this week.
No pics again today, not a lot of point showing you the inside of a drizzly grey cloud.


Forest the Bear said...

Don't know about safety Dave, you guys are in with a good shout for the playoffs! Good luck against Leicester, my home county, but Forest all the way.

Has been raining and murky here to Dave, most of the birds have given up I think. I do have a resident pair of Wagtails that visit the area outside my work shop most days. They do brighten up a dank day.

Lancashire and Lakeland Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Hi Forest - I've now seen the TV replay on the penno and wonder what exactly the ref thought he saw??? 51 points is the 1st target, we left it until the penultimate game last season which is no good for anyone with a heart condition! Sooner we get to that the more games left to concentrate on the play-offs - not sure how long we'd last in the Premiership but a sterling 2nd half display against WBA suggests we'd be OKish. This is getting more like a footy blog than than a birding blog, it'll be beer next - - - just lay me down and pour in the Guinness!!!
Good luck to Notts Forest.



Monika said...

I know exactly what those bad calls feel like...Although for me it's in hockey games instead of football/soccer, but the feeling is still the same! I have a few friends who follow your teams with a passion, so I should enlist them to translate some of the rest of your football jargon...

I hope things clear up for you in a bit! Back to the rain, rain, rain over here.