Friday, 5 February 2010

Godwits raise the bar

The safari was disappointed this morning on Patch 1 as the Peregrine was nowhere to be seen. But being a little later than usual there was a good deal of bird song in the air although it still wasn’t light. Mostly Robins and Blackbirds but a Mistle Thrush and a Dunnock too. A Song Thrush hopped along the path in front of us for a few yards. We didn’t have time to do a full patch walk; the park might have been quite lively this morning.
At Patch 2 before work the tide was well out but the beach was fairly devoid of birds. A scan along the tide line gave us a count of 102 Oystercatchers and in their midst was a small group of seven Bar Tailed Godwits. A surprise and an excellent count for this section of the coast where they are rare visitors. They are far more numerous round the corner in the estuary. Four Turnstones pecked around the base of the outfall pipe, with just five Redshank. A search for the rest of the Redshank found them roosting a bit further along the beach under the sea wall in a runnel, 36 of them. Nothing of any excitement in the few gulls present, a pair of Great Black Backed Gulls cruising up the coast was the highlight. Out at sea…absolutely nothing. Well there could have been allsorts but with the horrendously reduced visibility again we were never going to see it.
No Patch 2 lunchtime visit today, a funeral took precedent.
Where to next? Bloomfield Road for more footy followed by an estuarine marshy safari on Sunday.
In the meantime let us know what you haven’t been able to see in your mist ridden outback.

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