Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Beef, tuna mayo, prawn, tern?

The safari set off up the hill with our back against a glorious red dawn. Nowt really happening other than the usual. No migrants today what so ever. Greenfinches were tweeting prettily above the tall conifer hedge, almost definitely going to be a nest in there in a coupla weeks.
Nothing doing on the Patch proper until we were back at Woodpigeon Wood when a little male Sparrowhawk was being escort off the plot by a pair of Crows.
Out on Patch 2 little was doing again. Three Meadow Pipits appeared way out over the waves and headed in towards the dunes not far to the south. While we were watching those a fourth one flew low overhead traveling in a more sensible northward direction. A Pied Wagtail went over too but it has gone down as an 'alba' cos at this time of year they could easily be White Wagtails.
Low over the waves a blisteringly white Gannet showed against the dull grey sea. Ten minutes was enough to realise there wasn't really much to get excited about.
The lunchtime session struck gold. Before we had set the scope on the seawall we could hear them - kerrick kerrick - the Sandwich Terns (125, 64) have arrived, eight of them were sat on the inspection chamber of the swiftly disappearing under the tide outfall pipe. They were forced off and sat on the beach with a few Oystercatchers. While they were going about their business they had a few 'dreads' and once up in the air they were joined by a ninth.

The pics aren't upto much but the scope was wound up a fair bit cos of the distance and it was a very dull day so that's what yer get...first of many we hope. So 125 species for the year are now in the book with less than three months gone. Looking through the field guide we can just about see another 50 but getting to the upper target of 200 might prove a little too tricky.

Where to next?? That missing Patch 1 Chiffchaff is doing our fruit! Tonight the weather forecast is supposed to be better than last night so hopefully it'll be there all chiffing and chaffing.

In the meantime let us know if anything turned up in your outback today.

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